Hey, that’s me in my favorite shirt. And look, this is me in a neat list:

  • I’m German-Colombian.
  • Jenny Holzer and Barbara Kruger are my favorite writers.
  • I speak German, English and Spanish fluently.
  • Through years of watching subbed Anime I also picked up ... *checks notes* ... zero Japanese.
  • I’m in a love-hate relationship with brutally hard videogames.
  • Apps, games, spaceships: I need to know what every button does. So I hid an easter egg on my site for all like-minded people. Have fun! 🎮


Sky Creative (London)
Heimat/TBWA (Berlin)
DDB (Hamburg)
Vasataschröder (Hamburg)
Hamburg School of Ideas
Previously game writer, music journalist and PR trainee


Sky, Volkswagen, Lufthansa, Deutsche Telekom, Techniker Health Insurance, Gorillas, Trolli, ARD (German PBS), Trade Republic, Gerolsteiner, Viva con Agua, Villeroy & Boch, and more.


All metals at ADC Germany for this Gorillas campaign.
Plus self-pats on the back for my persistence in Dark Souls and Super Meat Boy.