Till Brokhausen

Creative / Copywriter

Future-proofing Germany’s largest health insurance

With a new campaign, TK wanted to provide certainty during Corona.

So we developed the claim Wir wissen weiter – meaning “We know what’s next” but also “We know what to do”. Then we told intimate stories around modern problems, e.g. videocalling a doctor to speak about erectile dysfunction.

Showing everybody that TK’s there in difficult times, at all times.



We also produced radio spots that fused annoying everyday sounds into pleasant soundscapes. Directly illustrating the benefits of TK’s sleep training and work-life balance seminars.

(translation: “Turns sleepless nights into restful nights. TK’s online sleep training.”)

(translation: “Turns stressful days into relaxed days. TK’s work-life balance seminars.”)


CD: Fabian Frauenderka, Christian Lotz
Senior Copy: Christine Ramm
AD: Theresa Kaussner
Agency: Heimat/TBWA Berlin